Acclamare Customer Conference - Sept 19-20, 2011


The annual Acclamare Customer Conference will be held September 19-20, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Acclamare customer conference is available to all Acclamare VAR partners, customers,
prospects and business associates of Acclamare. Prospects can really test the water, so to
speak, by seeing the software's ins and outs, by visiting with distributors using Acclamare, as well
as visiting with Acclamare staff.

Distributors currently using Acclamare are urged to attend the conference, as it provides them
with a phenomenal amount of training and instruction. Acclamare customers can also GREATLY
influence the direction of the software program through their feedback at the conference. They
can provide this insight through face-to-face interaction with Acclamare leadership.

Please contact Advantage for registration and additional conference details.